MapText, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Herbert Freeman to develop software for the automated labeling of the points, lines, and areas depicted on maps and charts. At that time, almost no computerized solution existed for placing text automatically on maps; cartographers usually did it by hand. The demand for automation was enormous.

Shortly after being founded, MapText was awarded a contract to develop such software for the US Census Bureau which saw an urgent need for automated feature labeling for the conduct of the Census 2000. The project was successful and MapText software was used to label more than 20 million maps for the Year 2000 Census. Subsequently MapText embarked on further developing its software to be used with most of the common commercial Geographic Information Systems.

MapText currently has a broad customer base worldwide, with installations as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Customers include national government mapmakers (civil and military), commercial mapmakers, state, county and municipal governments, aeronautical chart producers, departments of transportation, businesses with large mapmaking requirements (for product distribution, delivery routing, market assessment), and utilities (electrical, gas, water, telecommunications).